Master WorkHolding, specializes in the design and manufacture of custom workholding for production machining industries.   Focusing on one specific solution since 1988, has allowed MWH to become the premier workholding solution in the SouthEast.    In order to create the most efficient machining process possible, MWH’s fixtures are specifically designed for each customer’s parts and machining environment.  MWH concentrates on satisfying our customer’s needs by delivering quality workholding on-time, that works when installed, with performance that exceeds our customer’s expectations.   Remember, “We prove-out our fixtures on our floor so you don’t have to!”.

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    Let us provide quality replacement parts to minimize downtime potential and keep your fixtures performing in top condition, even if we didn’t design them!

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    Master Workholding has been supporting American manufacturing for over 25 years. Learn more about our company.