Hydraulic Fixturing

We’ve been designing and building hydraulic workholding for over 25 years. Producing quality hydraulic workholding is the core of our business.


Manual Fixturing

No workholding project is too big or small. From strap clamps to transfer lines, we can provide the best manual workholding solution for your needs.


Tombstone City

In-stock items as well as custom orders, Tombstone City has high quality, low cost products with a satisfaction guarantee.

Tombstone City

PRP: Position & Retention Pins

We’ve come up with some useful tools over the years for solving workholding challenges, and this spring loaded part crowder is one of those.


H-PRP: Hydraulic Position & Retention Pins

This is the hydraulic big brother to the PRP; a spring loaded part crowder that hydraulically locks up to provide clamp force as well as part retention.


TPEC: True Pull Edge Clamps

Unlike a lot of other components that claim to provide pull-down clamping from an edge, this component actually gets the job done.


LPB: Low Profile Bleeder Valves

This small valve is a compact solution that fits in tight spots and even on standard components to make bleeding air from hydraulic fluid easy and mess-free.