Troubleshooting Tips

Below are some common problems encountered when using manual or hydraulic fixtures, and some tips for solving those problems

    Loss of parallelism of machined surfaces

  • Check alignment of clamp pads over locators and work supports
  • Locating surfaces may be damaged or need cleaning
  • System pressure has excessively dropped or increased
  • Sequence valves, pressure limiting and reducing valves are not functioning correctly
  • Work supports are not extending to support part

    Speed of clamping is extremely slow

  • Check filter for trash or obstructions
  • Contamination of hydraulic fluid may have restricted hydraulic components
  • Flow rate of pump may be inadequate
  • Air may need to be bled from system

    Machined surface changes after fixture is unclamped

  • Check clamp points to make sure they are properly opposed by rest points to prevent deflecting or stressing of parts
  • Verify proper clamp forces are applied to the circuit per specifications recommended on the hydraulic schematic

    Fixture will not achieve full system pressure while clamping or un-clamping

  • Check to be sure that the system pressure gage is working. Replace gage if possible.
  • Check fixture for external or internal leaks as well as possible leaks in the pump system feeding the fixture.
  • If the fixture is equipped with an intensifier then verify that the intensifier is functioning correctly.
  • If no leaks are found, check for valving problems such as a stuck check valve.